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The entry level program guided by the app.


1x Burning Man Shot

2x Mind\Set Shot 

1x Magic Mushroom Kombucha (replaced by Rehab until first week of October)

1x Cleansing Face Mask

1x Hydrating Face Mask

1x 500ml Rehab

2x 500ml Life Blood

2x 500ml Supergreen

3x 500ml Run, Forest

3x 500ml The Radiator


Our Juice Cleanse - 3 Days is an introductory program to health fasting. 

It is among experts opinion that juice fasting for 2-4 times a year has the best health effects. You can easily incorporate the 3-day juice cleanse into your rhythm over a long weekend. Allowing your body a break from solid foods with low calorie intake has a number of health benefits - It has been scientifically proven that positive effects on your cell metabolism, autophagy, set in on the 3rd day. 

For the best results, we have developed a holistic juice package specially designed for this program! It contains all the key elements for a 3-day Juice Cleanse. In addition, the Mind\Set shots regulate oxidative stress and strengthen your mental health and performance during the juice cleanse. The Cleansing and Hydrating Face Masks ensure a glow inside and out. The Magic Mushroom Kombucha supports your intestinal health with active probiotic cultures and activates your digestion.For the best eco-footprint possible, we provide you all important information and tips & tricks in our app. With a detailed overview and daily push-messages we guide you through the process and help you achieve the best results possible.

You have already had experience with juicecleansing? Step up a level and start your 5-Day or 7-Day Juice Cleanse



contain 3.7kg of high-quality fruit and vegetables per liter and are optimally balanced for maximum nutrient intake and the best taste.Thanks to the special cold-pressing process, all of the ingredients are preserved in the best possible way, so we guarantee that you get all the important vitamins and minerals during the juice treatment. 

The juices are 100% organic and we do not use any plastic.

As we use the HPP procedure, our juices are kept fresh for a longer period of time. Even if you do not wish to start your cleanse right away, you can store them in your fridge without doubt. The expiration date is printed on the bottleneck with a laser.




  • Download the DALUMA App and start the 3-Day Juice Cleanse 1 day before.
  • You will receive all important information and daily reminders, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your cleanse.
  • Try to have your last meal at 6PM the day before the cleanse and drink one Burning Man Shot.



  • 4 juices daily, every 3-4 hours 1 juice.
  • Our juices will provide you with all important nutrients and replace solid food for the time of your cleanse.
  • Hydrate! Drink a lot of water, pure or withHimalayan salt and unsweetened tea. (Always keep your water bottle by your side.)
  • If you crave something warm and a little more filling, have a vegetable or bone broth.
  • YOU are priority! Treat yourself with a Cleansing and Hydrating Face Mask for a glow from in- and outside. And don't train too intense!



  • 1x Kombucha for active probiotic cultures supporting your intestines.
  • 2x Mind\Set Shot to regulate oxidative stress and strengthen your mind.
  • Respect that you have provided your body with only liquids for a couple of days. Even if you crave solid, more filling foods, try to slowly introducing raw, fresh ingredients.
  • Start with smoothies, soups and other foods that are more easily to digest.
  • Be proud of yourself! You have given you body timeto regenerate and regain natural energy.