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The perfect companion for the Green Bulking program from the DALUMA app! Composed of 2x Pure Green Protein, 28 Power Bars and specially selected cold-pressed juices, it provides you with high-quality protein, energy and strength during training and for muscle building.

In our app you will find all the important information for a successful muscle building, as well as an exact training and nutrition plan. We accompany you through the entire program with tips and daily push notifications.

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2x Pure Green Protein

8x Golden Warrior Juice

4x Life Blood Juice

4x The Radiator Juice

14x Matcha Pineapple Bar

14x Peanut Protein Bar


Proper protein supply to the body is not only elementary for building muscle and performance, it also influences the complexion, the immune system, metabolism, and fat burning. In addition to the dosage of the protein, its bioavailability, the quality of the raw materials and the combination with the right nutrients are also decisive for the effect.

PURE GREEN PROTEIN provides both quickly available and sustainable sole protein through the combination of natural rice, pea, and hemp protein. Maca, Chia, Lucuma, Spirulina, and Matcha additionally provide the body with energy and important micronutrients. This special combination corresponds exactly to our idea of a high-quality protein mixture.


We recommend 2 heaped tablespoons - 45 gr per serving (30gr protein). PURE GREEN PROTEIN on 300 ml milk of your choice. Mix it with banana or berries in a blender until it becomes creamy.


Rice protein (50.5%) *, pea protein (15%) *, lucuma powder (6%) *, coconut milk powder *, hemp protein *, almond protein *, chia seed protein * (Salvia hispanica), maca powder *, matcha powder *, spirulina powder *.

* Raw ingredients from certified organic cultivation.



Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The product should be kept out of the reach of small children. The product should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.


Organic mixed drink made from coldpressed juice and nut drink.

Fresh turmeric gives GOLDEN WARRIOR its color and name. The Indian healing root is combined with mango and ashwagandha from Ayurvedic herbalism. We believe in added value in combination with pepper and have balanced its spicyness with a nut drink made from cashew.


Water, mango *, almond drink * (water, almond *), date *, rice protein *, turmeric *, black pepper *, vanilla *, sea salt *, ashwagandha powder *, cinnamon powder *, lemon *. Contains almonds and traces of other nuts

*From organic agriculture


Life Blood combines energy sources for body and mind. In Chinese medicine, ginseng is used as an anti-fatigue tonic. Beetroot and pomegranate provide the body with valuable vitamins and iron. Its red color is as strong as its nutritional value.


Ginseng *, apple *, beetroot *, carrot *, pomegranate *, lemon *, ground cayenne pepper *

*From organic agriculture


The Radiator provides skin and hair with the best vitamins and minerals. Sweet potato and carrot provide the daily requirement of vitamin A, which protects against skin aging. Nourishing aloe vera should not be missing from this drink. Pears round off The Radiator with their creamy taste.


Apples *, sweet potatoes *, carrots *, pears *, water, limes *, grapes *, aloe vera juice *

*From organic agriculture


The Matcha pineapple bar is an organic raw energy fruit bar with a fruity-bitter taste. It is vegan, free of additives, colors and preservatives and without added sugar.


Dried dates *, cashew nuts *, dried pineapple * (19%), dried mango *, dried coconut flakes *, matcha * (2%)

* Raw ingredients from certified organic cultivation

May contain traces of other nuts.


The Peanut Protein bar is an organic raw energy bar with creamy peanutbutter. It is vegan, free of additives, colors and preservatives and without added sugar.


Dried dates *, cashew nuts *, Peanutbutter* (8%), Almond Protein* (8%), coconut syrup*, Brazil nuts*, Himalaya salt.

* Raw ingredients from certified organic cultivation

May contain traces of fruits or nuts.