Your body needsvital substancesto support its natural functions and to compensate for stress, poor nutrition, and environmental pollution.

Conventional medicine now knows that the effects of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements, and enzymes only occur in combination with lipids and flavonoids, just as they do in natural sources and not in artificial pills.

Our fruit and vegetable smoothies provide you with very high-quality nutrients in quantities that you would otherwise not be able to absorb. This is achieved through our use of Vitamix, one of the best machines on the market, that removes energy wastage during digestion and makes nutrients readily available to your body.

Besides theNutrient qualityDALUMA products fulfil two further important nutritional factors, namely theirmaximum preservation through the most gentle processesand thehighest densitythrough nutrient-rich ingredients such as superfoods, among others.In the DALUMA Storesthere's an ever-changing selection of smoothies that combine all of these.