Our 3-day Juice Cleanse is an introduction program to health fasting. Giving your body a break from solid food with low-caloric intakes has a range of health benefits ranging from cell metabolism, your gut bacteria, energy levels, skin and organ functions.   

Extensive scientific research has been conducted into the numerous positive physical and cognitive effects – Below you find a reading list with some key findings.    

If you want to extend the effects, we recommend the 7-day fasting program. The beneficial effects of fasting rely on basic levels of health and are not meant to substitute medical advice. If you have existing preconditions, please consult your doctor if fasting is also beneficial to you! 

  • Provide the body with all needed micro-nutrients to avoid malnutrition. 
  • Provide high hydration to support kidney and liver cleansing functions. 
  • Guide you through each day with message notifications for all you need to do. 

This program has been created from personal research and does not substitute medical advice! Please consult your medical health assistant for further advice if you have prevalent preconditions! Please do not follow this program if you are pregnant. 

Considerations before your start: 

  • Be ready to take a step back, confront mood shifts and reset your mind and body. 
  • If you have any doubt concerning your health and mental condition, please contact your doctor to be sure that you are ready.  
  • Do not follow this program if you are pregnant. 


  • The goal of this Juice Cleanse is not to radically lose weight and in a short time. This will be a little side effect of you being in a caloric deficit. However, what the cleanse will achieve are mental and physical results that facilitate your body to balance its natural processes. 
  • This short program is a form of fasting, which has a series of scientifically proven health benefits.  
  • It will help the lasting functioning of your organs, positively effecting your digestion and gut bacteria, skin, immune-system, aging and cell-metabolism.  
  • During this cleanse, your body will balance its metabolism, supporting your long-term energy-levels during the day and sleeping functions at night. 

Core elements to support the program:

  • Tea kettle and large water bottle to refill 
  • Himalayan salt and fresh fruit, herbs or veggies to infuse your water 
  • Cleansing tea blends  
  • Broth of bone or vegetable if needed to combat lows 
  • Wellness treatments and exercise equipment of your choice 

Information about the juices:

  • DALUMA juices contain 3,7 kilograms of certified organic fruit and vegetable per liter and are designed for specific nutrition profiles.    
  • Our Cold Press Juicing yields the best values of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, avoiding oxidation and deterioration through heat and friction in conventional juicing.  
  • High Pressure Processing allows for long lasting vitamin effects securing the nutrition values. 
  • Pasteurized juices are biologically dead and lack important vitamins and enzymes. DALUMA juices are raw, organic, sustainably sourced, and never pasteurized.  
  • Chemical properties of conventional plastic bottles oppose the idea of a cleanse. Our packaging does not contain any plastic but is organic and compostable. 


Basic Guidelines:

  • Stay active to keep body metabolism boosted.
  • Make sleep and self-care a priority to support the body’s internal regeneration.
  • Believe in yourself! Remember the strength of setting your mind to yourself!
  • Hydrate! It is especially important to drink enough, and more than normally! You can
  • bring in more variety with different teas or infusions of water.
  • Start your cleanse at the right time! During your cleanse you should be able to wind
  • down and take care of yourself. Reduce stress as much as possible, the time should be about you and your body!
  • Listen to your body and enjoy the process! Relaxation practices like Yoga or
  • Meditation will also support bringing your mind to ease.
  • Engage in positive activities like meeting friends, enjoying nature, reading or listening to music – Ideally, you can share this experience with a cleansing-partner.
  • Be proud of what you have done for your body and mind. Really appreciate this
  • reset!

Small Tips with large effects:  

  • You can enhance the effect of the cleanse by stopping to eat at 6 pm of the last evening before your cleanse.
  • By also starting to eat as late as possible first day after the cleanse you can do even more!
  • Try to stick to fresh and unprocessed vegetables, fruit, and nuts on the first days after your cleanse.

Workout Tips:

  • Make sure you don’t over exercise! Go on walks, do some Yoga or even Pilates. However, during this program it is crucial to give your body rest and take care of yourself!
  • Stay away from intense, muscle building as you aren’t taking in a lot of protein.
  • High-impact cardio workouts that induce lot of cardiovascular stress are further not advisable. Remember, a major part of the cleanse is rest!
  • When you chose to workout, drink a juice before you do so. This will provide you with energy.