What is a Juice Cleanse and which one is right for me?

21kg fruits and vegetables, 2L juices per day.

Replacing your solid foods with our juices gives your body a break and supports your natural energy production and many other body processes.

Our Juice Cleanses were created with expert knowledge by nutritionists. For optimal results you will be guided by the DALUMA app with notifications, videos, and articles. During your Juice Cleanse you will replace your solid food with our juices for 3, 5 or 7 days respectively. You will receive 4x 500ml cold-pressed organic juices per day, probiotic shots, Kombucha, Cleansing and Hydration Face Masks.

The juices are all cold-pressed to ensure maximum nutritional value and to protect the ingredients from oxidation. In addition, we use the HPP process so that our juices are never pasteurized and remain completely raw in order to secure all enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Whether you choose the 3, 5 or 7 day Juice Cleanse is entirely up to you.

For beginners in juice fasting, we would recommend the 3-Day Juice Cleanse, so that you and your body can slowly get to know juice fasting and find out how you are feeling during this time.

If you want to expand the results and already have experience with juice fasting, we recommend the 5 or 7-Day Cleanse.

For an even lower amount of sugars in your juice package we have created the Green Juice Cleanse. Containing only our green juices and Rehab it consists of a higher density of leafy greens and polyphenols with a higher capacity of antioxidants and minerals.


Our juices contain 3.7 kg of fresh organic fruit and vegetables per liter and are deliberately tailored to various nutritional requirements.

They are all cold-pressed to ensure maximum nutritional value and to protect the juices from oxidation. In addition, we use the HPP process so that our juices are never pasteurized and remain completely raw in order to secure all enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

We do not use any plastic! All our bottles are 100% compostable and packaged sustainably.

You will be provided with probiotic shots, Kombucha, cleansing and hydration face masks. This way, your body's reset will be supported from the in- and outside. And you strengthen your gut health with valuable probiotics.

With our app we support you through the entire process of the juice treatment. You will receive all important information as well as tips & tricks to successfully undergo the Juice Cleanse. With a do-and-don't list and push notifications you will learn how to deal with your moods, how to train properly and how to get the most out of the cleanse.


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Why is a Juice Cleanse such a great opportunity to reset your body?

Juice fasting and the positive effects of raw, cold-pressed juices goes back to Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Otto Buchinger in the 1930s.

Their emphasis of the great importance of fresh juices made from fruits and vegetables for holistic health accompanies us still today. Since then, the health benefits of the juice treatment have been intensively researched and positive results for body and mind have been found.

These range from the regeneration and renewal of your cells, to relieving your digestion and promoting your intestinal health, to positive effects on your skin, anti-aging, and general organ functions.

The goal of our Juice Cleanses is not to lose a lot of weight in the shortest possible time. This is a minor side effect, with the weight loss going to be mostly water. Rather, it is about the balance of your body's own processes such as your metabolism and the regulation of your energy balance. This has positive effects on your energy levels during the day as well as on the quality of your sleep.

Due to the low calorie intake and the focus on pure, natural and raw nutrients during the Juice Cleanse, you get the opportunity to let go of unhealthy (eating) habits, such as refined sugar, and develop new, healthier routines within a short period of time.

What can I expect during the Juice Cleanse?

During our Juice Cleanse you will replace your solid food with our juices for 3, 5 or 7 days respectively. You will receive 4 juices per day, which you will drink every 3-4 hours.

Through the specific composition of special ingredients, our juices cover all important nutrients and ensure a maximum supply of vitamins and minerals. Since our body cannot produce vitamins or minerals itself, we have to take them in through our food. With our juices, we took special care not to stretch them with apple or orange juice, as is so often the case. They only contain valuable ingredients that provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and micronutrients.

Despite the low calorie intake during the cleanse, you can do low-impact exercise. Especially during a Green Juice Cleanse, you will be provided with a higher amount of natural vegetable protein. Exercise supports your mental condition, brings you additional energy and happiness through the endorphins and strengthens your muscles during the juice treatment. But make sure that you don't exhaust yourself!

"We are big fans of this Juice Cleanse and can highly recommend it."

"The DALUMA Juice Clenase is delivered chilled to your home and includes two shots, a tea and the juices Rehab, Life Blood, Supergreen, Run Forest and The Radiator. The mix of green and fruity juices is very balanced. You won't find instructions in the package as to which juice should be drunk when, because the Daluma app notifies you via push message about every move you should make. Simply start the cleanse in the free app (preferably before 9 a.m.). In addition to the drinking instructions, you will also be given helpful mindfulness and exercise tips depending on the time, so that you also don't forget to move your body."

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for the Juice Cleanse?

Preparation is key and has great impact on the success of your juice cleanse. Try to reduce your intake of fatty, heavy foods as much as possible and focus on wholesome, fresh ingredients and liquids. This will make the process much easier! Additionally, try to stop eating at 6PM the evening before starting the cleanse to get your body used to fasting mode.

Only having liquids for a few days is a great change for your body. You can facilitate this by slowly preparing with respective foods a few days before the cleanse.

Here, your mental state also plays a great role. Prepare yourself to take it slow and easy and really focus on regeneration. Schedule as little social appointments as possible that might make your days of the cleanse more stressful.

What is HPP and cold-pressing?

Conventional juice is mostly practically dead of nutrients due to its production and preservation process. In industrial production, it is exposed to frictional heat and air, which destroys nutrients. During the subsequent decoction for preservation, a large part of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes is lost.

Our juice is made with a special high-pressure cold press (Good Nature X1). Thanks to this unique process, the ingredients do not come into contact with any heat or air. All nutrients from vegetables and fruits are preserved in the best possible way and that without any flavor enhancers, hidden ingredients or preservatives.

Will I feel hungry?

Since your only food intake will be juices, you could feel hungry. You are very welcome to have clear vegetable or bone broths in such times. Finding a distraction is also always helpful! Go for a walk, take a bath, and listen to your favorite podcast.

Will I experience mood swings?

Due to the low calorie intake, your body has to gain energy from its natural reserves and processes. The first thing he does is use your fat reserves, but the lower energy intake from your food can have an impact on your mood. It can happen that you feel a little sluggish and more irritable. Find routines that you can use in such situations. Exercise always helps, as your body releases the happiness hormone, endorphin. What further helps us is motivating music, to be pampered or to meditate.

What if my colleagues, friends or family don't do a Juice Cleanse?

It is of course very likely that you will be the only one in the group to do a Juice Cleanse. To make it easier for you, reduce your social activities during this time and take special time for yourself! You can also ask your co-workers not to eat in the office so that you are not tempted there.