360º Visionary Self-Care

Our vision is to elevate your potential through highest quality and holistic solutions while keeping the planet in mind.

❝ Natural ingredients that care for the face and give the skin a new shine. Vegan, organic and sustainability are the keywords here. ❞

"Now they are also essential in the bathroom with their brand new skincare. Pure nutrients for the skin from natural sources.


❝ Positive results for body and mind. DALUMA's cold-pressed juices and juice cures, purely organic. ❞

"Das Berliner Start-up DALUMA launcht elf neue Beauty-Higlights – vegan, frei von Parabenen und Silikonen und die Inhaltsstoffe stammen aus natürlichen Quellen."

❝ Vegan, free from parabens, silicone, no animal testing - after more than 2 years of intensive
development work, DALUMA is launching its own clean skincare line made from the best natural ingredients, tailored to various skin needs. ❞

"The high-quality processing of the ingredients and the fact that the bottles are 100 percent compostable convinced us."

"DALUMA Clean Skincare basiert auf veganen und natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen."

"The latest addition to DALUMIVERSE: The app that supports a holistic life even more."

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My complexion looks much more even and smoother !!

Robin H.

Fruits and vegetables are not simply chased through the juicer like from many others, but special ingredients such as activated charcoal or neurotransmitters in the accompanying shot make the juice cleanse a real experience.

Anna E.

Very good and tasty juices. Perfect customer service!


No hunger, no headache, everything tastes good and energy!

Paula G.

Great backup with the app and the juices are just delicious.

Caroline S.

Good quality and excellent customer service :)

Stefan H.

The quality and the ingredients are very great!

Kristin Z.