our vision

Our vision is to use holistic approaches to elevate your potential while keeping an eye on the planet. Everything in the body and in nature is interconnected, which is why we think of our products in 360-degree solutions - from fresh products to dietary supplements to skin care. Our commitment to the highest quality, pure ingredients and sustainability is reflected in all of our products.


We follow a holistic approach to self-care. This includes holistic solutions for skin care, supplements and liquids. Our product range follows a 3-step process from analysis to reset to long-term routines for a healthier lifestyle.

The laboratory analysis through our test kits offers you scientific evaluations of your physical processes and thus creates the basis for your healthy lifestyle.

Based on your personal results, you can take the first, quick step towards a healthier routine with our reset programs and accompanied by the app.

We support your long-term success in the last Step, sustain. We deliver daily packages that are tailored to your goals and make it easier for you to follow healthy routines.


We believe in the unsurpassed quality of natural products and in the importance of sustainable and holistic action. In the meantime, science has proven that nutrients can only be used in the best possible way for the body if they have the right composition, from natural sources and through special processing. At DALUMA, we have therefore set ourselves the goal of using natural products for all nutrient needs to create an offer for a more conscious and healthier life.

Chemical products from industrial production often have dubious and negative effects on the body and the environment. Our natural products are therefore not simply organic, but also manufactured in such a way that the body can absorb and use them as best as possible.


Sustainability in everything we do

Our ingredients

The raw materials we use come from controlled, sustainable cultivation. Only in this way do they meet our quality requirements and are a basic requirement for the manufacture of all our products.

Our packaging

All materials meet the criteria of the circular economy. The packaging used is either made from recycled material or completely compostable. Our PLA bottles are based on vegetable raw materials and are compostable.

Our values

We are a commercial enterprise, but we still claim to be sustainable on everything Levels to act. We are of the opinion that the purchasing power of consumers is an important tool for improving elementary problems - from small to large. In addition to purchasing from sustainable production methods, we actively support social projects.


Through our purchasing department, we help build schools, support sustainable cultivation methods and promote fair direct trade. We have taken part in workshops for the disabled in Germany and work with Nobel Prize winner Prof. Mohammad Yunus from Yunus Social Business to support social projects all over the world so that our customers can make a difference by donating our app points.


DALUMA connects the life paths of the founders David Kugler and Lukas Bossert through the common claim to a better and more sustainable life. The difficulty of finding pure, natural products led them to create a range of high quality and sustainable products that DALUMA makes available to everyone.