360-Degree Visionary Self-Care

DALUMA shapes the new age of self-care to elevate the human potential through highest quality and holistic solutions across skincare, supplements and liquids.


Our vision is to elevate the human potential through holistic self-care with the planet in mind. Everything in the body and in nature is connected, that's why we think in 360 degree solutions across fresh nutrition, supplements and skincare. Our commitment to highest quality, clean ingredients and sustainability is reflected in all of our products.

Connected through quality

Through DALUMA, the life paths of the three founders DAVID KUGLER, LUKAS BOSSERT and MARIAN COCIS are linked by a common claim. From the beginning, their goal was to create products of unique natural quality. The reason for this was for everyone equally the lack of products that they wanted for themselves every day but which only came at great expense. With DALUMA they wanted to make this claim to quality and sustainability available to everyone.

For DAVID J. KUGLER, nutrition has always been an important topic due to the intolerance of milk protein and neurodermatitis. But especially during a long-distance relationship to New York in times as a management consultant, his awareness for high-quality natural and sustainable products grew but that were not available in Germany. Throughout his master’s degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the first steps in professional life in the German Bundestag, beliefs and values ​​have always been the goal of work for him. This is how the idea for DALUMA came about in New York. Since moving from management consulting, he has been taking care of corporate development, strategy and all commercial matters at DALUMA.

LUKAS BOSSERT was internationally successful as a model very early on. Due to the stressful life determined by travel, dieting and commerce, the need for sustainability and health grew in him. In his mid-20s, he decided to change his diet at the Woodstock Food Festival and began a yoga teacher training course in India. Back in Germany, he studied architecture and was the first to teach German yoga in prison when he met David and Marian. From this point on, the rest of the passion came naturally and Lukas devoted himself entirely to the development of products.

Natural Good Nutrients

We believe in the unsurpassed quality of natural products and in the importance of sustainable and holistic action. You can only get real and effective nutrients for your body from natural sources and with as little processing as possible. At DALUMA, we have set ourselves the goal of creating an offer for a more conscious and healthier life with natural products for all nutritional needs.

Science has proven that nutrients can only be used in the best possible way for the body in the right composition, from natural sources and through special processing. Chemical products from industrial production often have dubious and negative effects on the body and the environment. Our natural products are therefore not simply organic, but also manufactured in such a way that the body can absorb and use them as best as possible.

In our team, three aspects are therefore crucial for the development of all products:

1. The optimal effect for the body through the best nutrient concentrations and combinations. For this we use the best sustainable raw materials and rely on specialized manufacturing processes with the most innovative devices on the market.

2. In order to keep this simple for you and enabling you to easily find the optimal product for you, our products show exactly which nutritional needs are primarily served. Color codes indicate the different categories and nutritional tables show the exact scientific values.

3. We do not want sustainability and healthy eating to be an overcoming but convince without compromise. That is why our products are precisely tailored so that they not only do you good, but, above all, create a unique consumer experience.

Sustainability in everything we do

Our ingredients

The raw materials we use come from controlled, sustainable cultivation. This is the only way they meet our quality requirements and are a fundamental requirement for all our products. We also consciously support social projects with our purchasing. With our water and coffee, we help build schools, sustainable cultivation methods and fair direct trade.

Our packaging

All materials meet the criteria of the circular economy. The packaging used is either made from recycled material or completely compostable. We avoid plastic at all times.

Our values

We are a commercial enterprise, but we still claim to act sustainably at all levels. We want to improve people's lives and the world with every opportunity we have. We believe that the purchasing power of consumers is an important tool for improving elementary problems - from small to large. Our culture therefore begins with treating our employees and partners fairly and on an equal footing. And this always transparent and with openness to new things without ideological stipulations. In addition to purchasing from sustainable production channels, we also actively support social projects by workshops for the disabled in Germany and internationally in cooperation with Yunus Social Business by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Mohammed Yunus


In collaboration with Yunus Social Business by Nobel prize winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus we want to do good for others.

Our App provides you the opportunity to donate your collected points to social projects with great impact all around the world.

Plant a tree in Brazil with Assobio

Assobio rebuilds once torn down forests and involves as many parties as possible in the entire process. Universities create innovative technologies, children can participate in environmental activities, and we can do our part by donating. Assobio is convinced that where forests are strengthened, new lives are created.

Watch the video here.

Support Wastepickers in India

Through donating your points in our App you can greatly improve the revenue and lives of many Indian Wastepickers, as well as divert 100kg of plastic.

Together with Yunus Social Business, Waste Ventures was able to already expand their collaboration from 800 Wastepickers to 1500 and increase their revenue by 20% - 30%.

Click here to read the blog post about Waste Ventures.


As with all our products, when deciding on the right farmers sustainability is always our priority. We pay particular attention to choosing local suppliers for our animal ingredients in order to guarantee the animals' optimal living conditions.

For our chicken, we work closely with Manfred's Farm near Berlin. The chickens live in small groups in free-range stalls and are provided with natural feed free of antibiotics. Manfred's passion and care for his chickens convinced us to choose him as our exclusive partner.