FOCUS ON THE CAUSE, NOT THE SYMPTOMS - How the gut determines your quality of life

Our bodies are made up of more bacteria (4-5 billion) than human cells. The sum of all microorganisms in the human body exceeds the mass of the brain. The bacteria in our intestines have a major impact on elementary body functions in terms of energy balance, the complexion of the skin and the immune system. Therefore, a healthy gut is the most important factor for a healthy body. We explain:

  1. What affects your health the most.
  2. How you realize you should change your routines and diet.
  3. Where to start first to improve your holistic health.
  4. How you can keep your (intestinal) health stable over the long term.

Post-COVID - 6 Tips for better mental health and physical fitness

Our mental health and physical fitness are closely intertwined. The so-called "Mind-Body Connection" relates to all areas of our life: Our physical performance depends on our mental health and vice versa. Poor mental health can also have negative consequences in our relationships with others. It influences our motivation, decisions and actions. With these routines you can support the positive hormones in your body and improve your mental fitness...

Holistic Reset: The Juice Cleanse for Regenerating Body and Mind

Eating only juices instead of solid food for a certain period of time is a kind of reset for body and mind. At the same time, juice fasting can be a step towards a holistic lifestyle. Instead of empty calories, saturated fatty acids, too much industrial sugar or even stimulants such as alcohol and coffee, your body receives vitamins and minerals every day through the juices, which, among other things, help to strengthen your immune system and provide natural energy.

We explain to you how the Juice Cleanse affects your body, why the quality of the juices is crucial, how you can start fresh with a juice cure and what you should bear in mind when breaking your fast.