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As part of the 1st anniversary of Dover Street Market Paris we are pleased to present together with Honey Dijon and our retail partner Dover Street Market that


The launch of our new website & app - Our vision now beyond our stores

There are a lot of simple answers and products on the market, but we believe that everything in the body is connected and therefore look at the picture holistically.

With the launch of our new website and app, we are not only making our products available throughout Europe, but are also creating an offer to support the application of holistic Health & Nutrition Programs. With this we can finally share our vision beyond our stores

Our 360 degree approach to health and nutrition - from analysis to application

We are the only provider of Juice Cleanses and Probiotic Resets that offers a program for the best application in practice via app to match the package. 

Matching our 360 degree approach to health and nutrition, we offer a comprehensive solution from a detailed analysis with the laboratory tests, to the products in the online store, to the support in the programs of the app.


We believe in the universal effects of natural nutrients on the body. As with nutrition, this also applies to all externally applied nutrients. We are therefore very pleased that from now on we can implement our claim of unique quality for all of the body's nutritional needs with essential natural cosmetics. Our care line combines the most effective natural raw materials in organic quality into products for every day and special care.


We are convinced that a healthy diet is guaranteed above all from fresh and natural nutrients. From four years of work in our field, we know how difficult this is often in everyday life. We are therefore very pleased that from now on we can expand our range of natural nutrients in the only quality with the most valuable supplements for us. With 360 ° we combine the best solution for purely natural micronutrients with an effective probiotic supplement in the highest dosage of Biotic 5 Billion. Our goal was to create a complementary solution that provides the body with optimal care and that far surpasses chemical or industrial products in terms of quality. We couldn't be more proud.