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The DAILY GREENS package contains high-quality green juices for each day of the week. Especially if you find it difficult to get in your daily micronutrients the package is perfect for you. 

The right amount of valuable micronutrients is the source of a healthy body. Unfortunately, our daily diet is too often unbalanced and contains insufficient amounts of the right micronutrients. The Daily Greens juice package ensures that you regularly provide your body with all the important vitamins, enzymes and minerals without any effort.

With the Daily Greens subscription you can easily maintain your healthy daily routine in the long term and save 10%!

360° for your holisitc solution 

Add 360 ° to your shopping cart for the optimal supply of all important micronutrients and we will deliver it to you every 3 months.

We believe that nature has the best solutions for the body. Highly dosed, pure natural ingredients are combined in each 360 ° capsule to form a natural complex of active ingredients. This covers the entire daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


contain 3.7kg of high-quality fruit and vegetables per liter and are optimally balanced for maximum nutrient intake and the best taste.Thanks to the special cold-pressing process, all of the ingredients are preserved in the best possible way, so we guarantee that you get all the important vitamins and minerals during the juice treatment.

The juices are 100% organic and we do not use any plastic.

As we use the HPP procedure, our juices are kept fresh for a longer period of time. Even if you do not wish to start your cleanse right away, you can store them in your fridge without doubt. The expiration date is printed on the bottleneck with a laser.