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The radiator is our “glow drink” from the inside. Sweet potatoes and carrots with carotenoids give the strong color. Aloe vera should not be missing from this drink. Pear rounds off the radiator with creaminess in terms of taste.

As all of our juices are cold-pressed, all ingredients are preserved in the best possible way and thus we can ensure that you receive all important vitamins and minerals.

By using the HPP process, our juices are kept fresh for a longer period of time and you can safely store them in the refrigerator. The expiration date is laser-printed on each juice on the edge of the bottle.


The Radiator is one out of 5 juices in our Juice Cleanses. 

With our 3-day and 7-day Juice Cleanse you'll provide you and your body a break from solid foods and enable it to regain its natural energy sources as well as support internal processes.

Find out all about the benefits and what our Juice Cleanses contain here!


Apples *, sweet potatoes *, carrots *, pears *, water, limes *, grapes *, aloe vera juice *

*From organic agriculture