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Supergreen combines the most valuable greens. Alkaline kale and arugula provide valuable chlorophyll. In addition, Moringa with high concentrations of vitamin C, A and one of the highest antioxidative values; Spirulina supplements valuable iron, selenium, and iodine. Our absolute Super-Juice!

As all of our juices are cold-pressed, all ingredients are preserved in the best possible way and thus we can ensure that you receive all important vitamins and minerals.

By using the HPP process, our juices are kept fresh for a longer period of time and you can safely store them in the refrigerator. The expiration date is laser-printed on each juice on the edge of the bottle.


Cucumber *, coconut water *, spinach *, limes *, water, parsley *, kale *, nettle * (nettle *, water), arugula *, spirulina algae powder *, moringa powder *

*From organic agriculture

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